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School Procedures

Code of Conduct
The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to describe minimum standards of conduct in all behaviour and decision making to ensure the safety and well-being of students.
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Assessment, Recording, Reporting & Evaluation Procedure
This Procedure reflects our desire for students to work in an environment of hope, love and trust.
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Behaviour Management Procedures & Guidelines
Kururrungku Catholic Education Centre (KCEC), Behaviour Management Procedures & Guidelines endeavours to promote respectful, secure and healthy environments in which students can prosper. It is believed that the school should create an environment which is supportive of individuals and groups with special needs, conducive to worthwhile learning and which demonstrates a caring concern for the well-being of all its members. Respecting the rights of all members of the KCEC community underpins the philosophy of the Behaviour Management Procedures & Guidelinesand the development of a school culture that addresses the needs and rights of every member of the school community. The development of appropriate and acceptable behaviour is a staff, parent and student concern. Its success is based upon the recognition of the dignity, and worth of all individuals
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